Exploring Delicious Food Stall Ideas for College Fest: Chettys Corner Specialties

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Hey there, college festival enthusiasts! If you’ve ever attended one of these lively events, you know that food stalls are the heart and soul of the experience. Among these culinary gems, one name shines bright – Chettys Corner. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the flavourful world of Chettys Corner, your go-to destination for scrumptious festival delights. From mouth-watering sandwiches to piping hot pizzas, refreshing kulfi, and crispy aloo snacks, this is a journey you don’t want to miss.

Chettys Corner: A Gastronomic Haven

Imagine that your stomach begins to scream when you are at a college event. You see Chettys Corner, a little yet impressive eatery. This location is an essential part of the festival experience; it’s not just another food stand. What differentiates them? It’s their ongoing focus to providing mouth-watering, classic dishes that satisfy all palates.

The Ultimate Sandwich Experience

Let’s begin by talking about their sandwiches. These sandwiches are the pinnacle of the sandwich experience; we’re not talking about your everyday sandwiches here. Chettys Corner has a wide selection, including anything from traditional club sandwiches to cutting-edge dishes like the “Spicy Fusion Delight.” Every sandwich is expertly made with premium ingredients and a healthy dose of love, making each bite an unforgettable culinary experience.

Pizza Perfection

You pizza lovers should try this. Pizza slices from Chetty’s Corner are nothing short of outstanding. Imagine slices that are sizzling hot, overflowing with cheese, and covered in your favourite toppings. They have a pizza for every pizza connoisseur, whether you prefer the traditional Margherita or are in the mood for a scorching, spicy explosion.

Wraps/Rolls: A Grab-and-Go Delight

This one is for you, pizza lovers. Pizza from Chetty’s Corner is always flawless and is served in beautiful slices. Imagine slices that are sizzling hot, covered in your favourite toppings, and overflowing with cheese. Every pizza connoisseur can find their favourite pizza, whether they prefer the traditional Margherita or are in the mood for a scorching, spicy explosion.

Cool off with Kulfi

There is no better way to stay cool than with a scoop of kulfi from Chettys Corner when the festival sun is beating down. They provide a delectable selection of kulfi flavours, ranging from the classic pistachio to the adventurous mango. It’s more than just dessert; it’s a cool respite from the heat and a tasty delight for your palate.

Aloo Delights

Happy potato lovers! You’re in for a treat at Chettys Corner. They make aloo snacks that are the ideal balance of crispy and tasty. These appetisers, which range from the traditional aloo chaat to the creative aloo tikka bites, are meant to be consumed while getting into the celebration mood.


To put it briefly, Chettys Corner is a master at exciting taste buds at college festivals. There is something on their extensive menu to satiate everyone’s cravings, from pizza lovers to sandwich connoisseurs to those with a sweet taste. Make it a point to stop by Chettys Corner the next time you’re at a college festival for a culinary experience that will have you hankering for more.


1. Are their dishes suitable for vegetarians?

   – Absolutely! Everybody can enjoy Chettys Corner’s delicious delicacies at the event thanks to their wide selection of vegetarian options.

2. What is the must-try item on their menu?

   – It totally depends on your preferences, however a lot of festival-goers suggest sampling their “Spicy Fusion Delight” sandwich for a distinctive and memorable flavour experience.

3. Do they have options for those with dietary restrictions?

   – Chettys Corner is dedicated to addressing dietary needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests or to enquire about solutions for particular dietary requirements.

4. Can I get their food delivered outside of college festivals?

   – It is preferable to check our website or get in touch with Chettys Corner directly for information on delivery options outside of festival events. We’ll be pleased to give you the most recent information.

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