Exploring Delicious Street Food at Chetty’s Corner: A Gastronomic Adventure

Exploring Delicious Street Food at Chetty's Corner: A Gastronomic Adventure


Welcome to Chetty’s Corner, a hidden culinary treasure in the heart of our city where taste dances with innovation and flavour melds with tradition. You can enjoy some of our culinary specialties, such as Chetty’s BHEL, Chetty’s wraps, Chunky pizza, and the magnificent Magic Boat, while I serve as your personal tour guide. Bring your appetite along as we set out on this delectable adventure.

The Irresistible Chetty’s BHEL

A Classic Street Food Experience

On our list, the well-known Chetty’s BHEL ranks first—it is the crowd-pleaser. The tangy tamarind chutney, the tangy crunch of the puffed rice, and the spiciness of the seasonings are just a few of the flavours and sensations that come to mind. Your taste buds will be transported by this culinary masterpiece.

Why You Must Try It

Chetty’s BHEL is more than just cuisine; it’s a flavourful trip that will please any palate. Whether you’re a spice connoisseur looking for that fiery experience or someone who prefers milder tones, this combination will permanently imprint itself into your taste memory.

Wrapping Up Goodness with Chetty’s Wraps

A Quick Bite, Packed with Flavour

For those on the move, our Chetty’s wraps are a game-changer. Bursting with fresh vegetables, and delectable sauces, each bite is a flavour explosion that will keep you craving for more.

A Variety to Satisfy Every Craving

Vegetarian or carnivore, Chetty’s wraps have you covered. Choose from a tempting range to satisfy your cravings. It’s like a mealtime adventure in the palm of your hand.

Chunky Pizza: A Slice of Heaven

A Fusion of Flavours

Prepare to be pleased, pizza lovers. A delightful combination of innovation and tradition may be found in our Chunky pizza. When the exhilaration of inventive toppings meets the cosy familiarity of a pizza crust, a symphony of sensations is produced.

Dive into Deliciousness

You can receive a piece of heaven topped with cheese, fresh vegetables, and that perfect crust on the Chunky pizza, which provides alternatives for both herbivores and carnivores. You won’t want to miss this slice.

Magic Boat: A Culinary Adventure

Sailing on Flavour Waves

As we continue our gastronomic trip, we come upon The Magic Boat, a dish that promises to whisk you away on waves of freshness and flavour. Your taste buds will hunger for more of this harmonious combination of vegetables and delicious flavours.

The Perfect Pocket-Friendly Treat

frightened for your wallet? Be at ease! Not only is The Magic Boat a feast for the senses, but it’s also easy on your wallet. Delight in the pleasure without going broke.


Chetty’s Corner is a haven for foodies rather than merely a stall. From the delicious Chetty’s BHEL to the inventive Chunky pizza and the reasonably priced Magic Boat, our menu has something for everyone. The next time your taste buds beg for an adventure, make Chetty’s Corner your culinary destination.


1. What are the must-try items at Chetty’s Corner?

The highlights of our cuisine are Chetty’s BHEL, Chetty’s wraps, Chunky pizza, and Magic Boat. Avoid missing them!

2. Is Chetty’s BHEL spicy?

Your rules and regulations, according to your tastes! Chetty’s BHEL can be made as spicy as your palette desires. We serve both fans of spicy food and those who choose mellower flavours.

3. Are Chetty’s wraps available in vegetarian options?

Absolutely! Chetty’s wraps come in a variety of options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. We believe in satisfying all taste preferences.

4. What makes Chunky pizza unique?

The Chunky pizza is a unique fusion of traditional and innovative flavours. It’s a delightful culinary experience that combines the best of both worlds.

5. Is Magic Boat budget-friendly?

Yes, it is! Magic Boat isn’t just delicious; it’s also pocket-friendly. You can enjoy this delightful dish without worrying about your budget.

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