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The fast food or quick-service restaurant industry in India has evolved with the changing lifestyles of the young Indian population. Many of the traditional dishes have been adapted to suit the emerging fast food outlets. About 20 – 25 years back the concept of fast food or eating joints who can serve dishes in couple of minutes was still a budding concept and was still a nascent industry.

There were very few players in this industry who were still experimenting this new concept and weren’t sure if it will be a successful model or not. They were trying hard to compete with well-established restaurants who were serving people with rich ambience and huge varieties of food. At the same time many international fast food joints like KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s etc. were trying to venture into India and hesitant to try Indian markets who always preferred traditional dishes which are rich in spices. Thanks to the changing consumer preference and lifestyle of young population which paved way to these fast food joints. During the same time Chetty’s Corner decided to enter this new way of food serving business and test waters by converting westernised dishes to Indianised dishes while adhering to the local taste. The biggest challenge the company faced at that time was to create something new which suits all types of people and age groups at an affordable price. Though the competition was meagre it was more about innovating new dishes and winning the customers heart which became an everyday daunting task.

Chetty’s Corner was started in the year 1997 by two brothers; Vinod Kumar and Anil Kumar, with their first-of-its-kind fast food joint in Kumara Park west, Seshadripuram, Bangalore. Both the brothers strongly believed that the two things in this world which can bring people together are Food and Music. With this belief they started serving fresh self-made delicacies across the counter to tickle people’s taste buds. They came up with a brilliant idea of transforming the vedesi burger into a desi burger while keeping the Indian culture, spices, flavor & taste intact.

They serve different products with a bun base and their signature dish is “Bun Nippat & Cheese”, which takes the humble south Indian snack to new heights. All it took was slipping the traditional crispy fried nippat into a layer of sweet and green chutney, over a bed of onions, grated cheese/butter, held together by a bun slit through its stomach. The “Bun Butter Nut” which uses simple spiced peanuts along with other toppings to create a snack that really packs a crunch. One more unique snack is their “Sandwich Pizza”, available in different varieties, the most popular being the special veggie. All the items available here are enhanced by the range of “Masala Cold Drinks” — one can choose any soft drink, which will then be spiced up with a specialized mix. Their most recent launch called “Twistato” (Twisted Potato) is a concept which was originally from outside India and introduced by them, for the first time in Bangalore which has created a lot of buzz and became one of their fast moving dishes today. Their Gold Coin, which is essentially a miniature pizza, Indian snacks like the moong dal masala, groundnut masala, ring (kodbale) masala, nippat masala, crushed nippat masala and Chetty’s bhel, have been popular since the launch. They not only serve up a whole range of sandwiches, pizzas and sandwich pizzas but also offer a host of toppings to choose from. They started 19+ years back with a strong passion to serve best snacks to their customers and bring smile on their faces. Their unique style of talking and engaging with customers along with serving new varieties often has made them extremely popular. Since its founding they have invented, innovated and revolutionized their products while keeping the taste and flavour consistent without compromising the quality. Their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is their awesome combination of Indian spices, rich aroma and preparation methodology which stands out from others.

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To deliver high quality food and beverages quickly, affordably and conveniently in a friendly environment.

To become one of the top eating joints, serve all types of people with good food, at an affordable price and have presence all across India.

Customer Delight, Trust, Quality, Best-in-class Service and Success.